Monday, March 16, 2009


It's been like six weeks or something since we posted. I hang my head in blogger shame. I guess we've been busy, but busier people than myself with blogs manage to keep posting, so again I hang my head.

But what am I, superwoman? Enough guilt!

So here are some no particular order...and maybe I'll get with the blogging program again soon.

Emma looked cute before church today and let me take her picture.

Then I let her take MY picture.

A few weeks ago we went to a McDonald's and saw two other lovely Chinese girls playing there. Joe took a picture with his cell phone. Aren't they all pretty?

About a month ago Emma's darling friend Brianne and her mom Susan came up from Provo so we could go to a Chinese New Year party together. Brianne brought Emma a Valentine's goody bag that included barrettes, so Emma wore them to the party.

They got to do some ribbon dancing.

And we'll end with an Emma self-portrait. And yes, her toenails needed trimming.

This post has no theme. But I feel no guilt.