Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Much For the High Chair

It's a nice night to be bloggin', so here we go. This missive is brought to you by the rock stylings of Neil Young and Pete Townsend (as Crow would say; "I now know how the world sounds to Pete Townsend" but I digress even before I get started).

Our little girl has straight-armed through another milestone in her short stint at Chez-Haynie. She made it clear that her days of sharing family meals in her high chair are a thing of the past. We knew that those days were numbered, as we had already resorted to keeping her in the chair with shoulder straps. She was strapped in so good that she could have been on a Nascar track making left-hand turns. The problem was that it took the two of us to get her in there. We gave up the fight. Her cousin Josh had given Emma a booster chair for just this occasion, and Emma was VERY pleased and thrilled to be sitting at the big table with us, as noted in the photo above. The dog must be disappointed because less food now hits the ground.

Denny took Emma to the Fairmont Aquatic Center today, and they both had a blast! Emma loves the water, and all of the accoutrements they have at the pool. It is going to be a regular stop in the future. Emma was so tired afterwards that she took a three-hour nap. We don't have any photos of the pool, but perhaps later. I think it wore out Mamma too, because she is asleep now as well.

With the weather warming up here (last week), we purchased one of those wading pools for the back porch. I have pictures of that, but have not been given permission to post any of those, and will not do so until such permission is granted(no dummy me!).

Our little Darlin' is growing up so fast. She looks older each week. We are just going to enjoy each day to the fullest and not look back. Her vocabulary is growing, and there are signs that she is trying to put more than two words together at a time. She will be able to call in sick for me in no time! OK then.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry Mom, It Was an Eggsident

Uh-oh, guess these weren't hardboiled after all.Probably best to just keep moving.

We used to worry about the dog jumping up and getting food off the counter, but turns out Emma is just as crafty. Joe brought home a dozen eggs from the store and left them on the kitchen island...too close to the edge. Emma's been on a hardboiled egg kick lately and probably couldn't wait to unpeel them.

When we rounded the corner and saw the mess, all we could say was "Get the camera!"

Friday, May 11, 2007

Our 2-Year-Old Cutie

We took Emma to Kiddie Kandids the day after her birthday for her 2-year-old pix. Was hard to get her to stand still and smile for more than a millisecond, so we didn't get many smiley photos, but we think she still looks plenty cute. Aunt Julie got her the delectable jumper.

Emma had her 2-year check-up with the pediatrician this past week. She has gained 3 pounds and grown 2 inches in the last five months (she's now 24 pounds and 35 inches). That's 13th percentile for weight, 75th for height -- a tall and slender young lady. Emma opened every drawer and cupboard in Dr. Havlik's office, multiple times. I spent most of my time heading her off. She got her hands on some little packets of ointment where you have to peel back the wrapping, so she started picking away at it. Dr. Havlik said, "Well, I was going to ask about her fine motor skills but I can see they're very good; I have a hard time opening those myself." Dr. Havlik said she was very "busy." "Busier than most?" I asked. "Well, yes. I'm kind of exhausted watching her."

Emma's language skills are really starting to take off. I told the doctor I thought she could say about 50 words and he said "Five-oh?," kind of surprised. I said, "Well.....maybe 30." But then I went home and started listing all the words she says and got up to 41 in no time. Sometimes I'm the only one who knows what she means, but she's giving it the ol' college try and really doing well. Bright, bright little girl.

She loves "Goodnight Moon." We look at it every night. I never read this when I was a kid and when I first started looking through it, it seemed kind of boring -- same dang picture over and over again. But it really grows on's kind of magical with the moon coming up and the stars getting brighter and the room getting darker. Plus, Emma likes pointing at all the little things in the room...kittens, mittens, comb, brush, bowl full o' mush, little old lady whispering hush, etc. I'm glad she's starting to pay attention to books.

Things are going great. Days are long, but the weeks fly by. Just like on a mission. I feel like I'm on a mission again, actually. Guess I am.
Thanks for checking in!