Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It?

Thanks to Rod Stewart for today's title, as well as a grammar lesson to boot. I have taken a few pictures with the trusty camera phone, and don't do much with the pictures, other that the occasional phone wall paper. Come to find out that once you put them on a larger screen, they turn out pretty good for such a small lens. Anywho, here are a few shots about town, most with my favoite subject who is not camera (phone) shy in the least.

We went out to breakfast after Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa H to a fancy French bakery/restaurant. This cup of hot chocolate remembers me to the opening scene of "So I Married an Axe Murderer." Emma was pleased with the presentation, I must say.

Here we have the result of another of our frequent visits to Chick-fil-a while Mom was at work. As mentioned in a previous post, Wednesday night is kids night, and they have some sort of entertainment to keep the kids from burning the place to the ground. This night was "snowman-on-on-your-face night. Why can't C-Fil-a come up with a sandwich with some pizzazz? Their sandwiches need more goop and crunch, I think.

Here we have M lording over the best decked-out trunk in the parking lot for trunk or treat. Mama's decorating efforts were not lost on young or the old alike, as manifested by the countless oohs and aahs. An aside: I can't help it, but I am reminded here of another classic movie moment. Whenever I see a bright light in a trunk, methinks of the end of Charlie Varick (the last of the independents) with Walter Matthau. A classic. Back to the subject at hand. As I remember, it was pretty cold that night. Everybody had to bring in their brass monkeys.

I would like to say that this last photo needs no explanation, but I can't. It does. I am a frequent Trax commuter, and the photo ops abound almost every day. There are enough stories to do a whole post, and perhaps that will happen one day. I have seen this dude a few times in my travels. He seems proud of his "Rube Goldberg" contraption, and it gets some stares and giggles, but there it is. He has to keep one hand on the brake to keep the bike from rolling into the stairwell. I think if that happened, his airbag would deploy. OK then.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Potpourri for 400, Alex

Guess it's time we updated. So following are a few recent photos. The one below was taken at Jungle Jim's a few weeks ago when we met up with pals over the Christmas break. My friend Jen took it...I think it's an awfully cute expression.

Sometimes I get out my old beat-up Armstrong flute that I've had since '71 (7th grade year, Farrer Jr. High School). Emma gets a kick out of "playing it." But darned if she's not able to get some pretty good toots out if lately. Her embouchure's not bad! So I told her she could have it, the flute's all hers. She was thrilled and cleared out a special place on the floor next to her chest of drawers for it. Then we found a french bread basket to put it in. A perfect fit.

She's completed some attractive art projects lately. The one below is called "Parade Float."

And this is one she did at school that I love.

We recently had to get a drywall repair done on our basement ceiling. The nice guy who came to do the job (Al) was very proficient.

But turns out he played the piano, too. So while drywall stuff was drying, he sat down and knocked out a few tunes.

It's just something you don't run into every day: He's a drywall repairman AND an entertainer. Thanks, Al!