Thursday, December 29, 2011

60 Years of Merry Matrimony

My mom and dad (Dick and Shirley) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Below is the two of them on December 27, 1951, celebrating wedding lunch at the Blue Bird Cafe in Logan, Utah. They were married earlier that day in the Logan Temple. My mom remembers it was a very cold and snowy day and the temple was packed with couples getting married because the Salt Lake Temple was closed.

And here they are 2 nights ago at the Skamania Lodge, on the Columbia River Gorge, celebrating anniversary dinner with my sister Julie and her husband Tom, and my nephew Ben and his wife Jax (who is expecting great-grandchild #18 in March).

Julie, I hope you don't mind I filched these photos off your Facebook. Congratulations, Mom and Dad -- You have accomplished so much in your lives together. Love, love, love you!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Wish There Were Something Sweet Around Here to Eat...

Oh the sugary delight of it all.

Aunt Julie gave Emma the beautiful dress below, which Emma wore to Christmas church today.

Plus, Emma wants me to post the lovely rendering she recently did of her new (rental) violin, so I am hereby posting. It is rather nice. She starts lessons soon with a wonderful teacher conveniently located across the street.

Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

Emma and I were out making our usual yuletide rounds when we ran into Santa Claus and the missus. I didn't realize she was such a tough looking gal. It probably has to do with all them elves and reindeer games and such. I'll bet she knows her way around a nail gun.

Emma is no longer apprehensive about talking with Santa, in fact she is more tolerating than anything. In past years she wouldn't have anything to do with him, but now will pose for a photo if it means receiving a candy cane.

We haven't been out much yet for shopping, but still have a few days. I think it would help if we got out of this inversion and if it would snow a little bit. Ok then.