Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little Missy Green Thumbs

Emma has had a couple of busy weeks in the yard. We wanted a couple of grow boxes to plant some tomatoes and other salsa ingredients, but needed to clear the space first. That was also the reason for the new gate in the fence.

Here is the finished product to date. Don't look real close at the boxes. I don't know what it is, but what looks like straight boards in the dim warehouse lighting at Home Depot, turns into boards that are smiling bigger than Telly Savalas at the end of The Dirty Dozen in the broad daylight. Not much to do at that point other than split the difference, screw it together, and hope it holds.

Box #1 with cherry tomatoes and some regular-size hybrids.

We put some tomatillos, peppers, and Lemon Cucumbers in this one.

Outside of the grow boxes, we put in a carrot patch. We are hoping to see some green tops within three weeks. Watch out for wascally wabbits.

Here we have Emma demonstrating the ever-popular jumping jack on our Spring-green grass. We will give the occasional photo update through the coming weeks (unless of course everything tanks). Ok then.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Time To Celebrate!

We had a great experience last Friday, as Andy received his Masters degree in accounting from the University of Utah. We all went up the the Hunstman Center for the festivities. Emma was on her best behavior (the best she could muster under the solemn circumstances), and we sat busting with pride through the proceedings. It has been a big buildup this past year, and then - poof! - it's a done deal. We are so proud of him, and Kat for her support and encouragement. It was definitely a team effort for them. Way to go!

Emma and I had some time to kill waiting for everybody to arrive. I believe she was involved in many group shots of various graduates. Through the years people are going to be asking, "who is that little girl in your photo?"

Em loves the attention she gets from her big brother

A group shot. Thanks to Brenda for her photographic acumen.
The beaming couple.

Ok then.