Friday, August 26, 2011

First Day, First Grade

Without my glasses and with the sun in my eyes, I snapped a few pictures of Little Missy Em's first day of first grade. It was Tuesday. She didn't eat much breakfast. But I was consoled by the fact that from now on she'll have hot lunch at school (and judging from the menus, Canyons School District does a far, far better job of lunch than I ever have).

Oh, the sun it was bright as the neighborhood kids gathered at the right spot/right time.

I asked her to give me a little wave as she boarded the bus, which she did, but as you can see, she was more interested in getting on with things than in sappy good-byes.

She has two first-grade teachers, Ms. Snow and Mrs. Lee. Mrs. Lee is her Chinese teacher and just moved here from Taiwan (leaving her husband behind so she can teach 50+ Draper, Utah, kids Mandarin). She's about 4'10" and has a great big smile with dimples. I hope Mr. Lee will be okay. Emma starts her day with a couple hours of non-stop Chinese with Mrs. Lee, then has hot lunch (oh, it thrills me), then has English language arts in the afternoon with Ms. Snow, a 30-year first grade veteran teacher who has been the district literacy specialist, so she's great with teaching reading.

Emma is already speaking lots of Chinese at home. It's quite remarkable. Lots of songs and little phrases. She just pops out with stuff. ("Almost as if she's wired for it," says Joe.) I'm excited for her. A whole Mandarin universe awaits.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Recital Time

Well, it's been an action-packed summer so far. School starts next week, and Emma capped off her summer activities with a gymnastic recital at the Gymcats last Saturday. Sure she has one week left of swimming lessons, but we need another post (the proper waiting time after my birthday has elapsed).

Emma has been attending Gymcats for about a year, and has made great progress. She loves to go to class each week, and can be seen practicing cartwheels and bridge kick overs at any time or any place. She was excited to show off her stuff, and did a great job.

Here she is waiting her turn on the raised beam

Here she is lining up with her classmates to go to the next station

Here we have the floor routine

Ok then