Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Relaxing Journey

Where, you may ask, the hell have we been? I just noted that it has been a year and two days since our last post. I think the only people now who visit our blog are the weirdos from eastern Europe who use our site to advertise I'm not sure what. I wonder who they are expecting to reach with their comments, as they are automatically deleted before they show up on the blog. The only reason I know of their existence is the fact that we receive emails which say they have posted a comment.

The Giants started strong and have faded, so I suppose I will mention a few of the highlights of our summer excursion to Omaha, Nebraska. On the Amtrak. On the California Zephyr.

It was beauty. I wouldn't recommend this option for anyone who pops a blood vessel in their forehead when their itinerary has a kink. When traveling by rail, kinks will be had. There were a few delays along the way (six hours on the outbound leg), but when on the Amtrak that is to be expected. For the most part, everybody on the train was civil and had been resigned to the fact that that is the way this particular cookie crumbles. 

This was the first train trip I had taken for probably over 40 years, when our family visited Aunt Marge in California. The fact that I can remember that trip only confirms the fact that it was memorable, and with any luck Emma will also keep memories of this trip long into her future. The purpose of this viaje was to visit my sister and brother-in-law, who reside in the tourist mecca that is Omaha. It rained a bit while we were there, but being from a desert environment, it was a splendid change of scenery. 

A view of somewhere west of Denver

Breakfasting "Zephyr" style

Losing big with a couple of card sharks in Eastern Utah

Smoke break's over

A splendid spread Chez McKinlay

A relaxed trio

We were go, go, going all of the time. We ate at a place featured on Triple D, visited the air and space museum, a great bar-b-que joint (don't order the chicken tortilla soup), the Winter Quarters visitors center and Omaha LDS Temple, the wildlife reserve, and the Durham train museum. Thanks to Aunt Laurie, Uncle Mark, cousin Morgan and Moose the wonder dog for opening their home to us.

Even with the delays, it was well worth the effort. We were able to see new territory in a relaxed environment. Emma fell asleep in her lounge chair next to Ryan, a retired postal worker from Nebraska who plugged in his C-pap machine and zonked out. They were both dead to the world. 

A great trip with great memories. Beauty. Ok then.