Friday, March 26, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Howdy Pardner

Today was the grand finale at Newcastle School of "Western Days." I was able to go and help out for the morning and had a great time. We even made "hot rocks," which is what cowboys and cowgirls ate while on the trail while herdin' doggies. They used to heat up flat rocks in a fire and cook biscuits on top. Due to the strict, wimpy Salt Lake County fire marshal codes, we were unable to duplicate that process exactly, and used an oven. The biscuits turned out great, and were consumed with the aid of butter, strawberry jam, and a two ounce paper cup of milk.

Pre hot rocks anticipation

I mentioned to Miss Jeri about how much we enjoyed the Peanut Butter and Jelly song when Emma sings it at home, so she was kind enough to put her cowpokes through their paces, so that we can share it with you all:

Shoot, there was even some singin' by the campfire,

Flag Salutin'

........and doggie bustin'

Eeeee Haaaa!

Ok then.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Look Beautiful, Dahling

ere are some recent fashion favorites from Emma's closet.

The beautiful dress below was a Christmas gift from Aunt Julie. Tres elegante!

This sporty ensemble was a gift from Aunt Boo Boo

Another Aunt Boo Boo outfit (we love aunts....)

And the ever-stylish armless look (with pearls).

You're a fashion icon, Em.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Most Expensive Movie of All Time

So at 2:30 this afternoon I had this idea -- Let's go to a movie! (Joey and I). I wanted to see "Avatar" in 3-D. I called Bristine, our sometimes babysitter (we don't get out much), and yippee, she was free on short notice. We decided to go to the Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point, 10 minutes away, and Joe suggested I get advance tickets online. I got on Fandango, where it asked for the city where the theatre was. Hmm...Thanksgiving Point is where....Lehi? Typed in Lehi and it came up with a Megaplex, among other things, so I purchased 2 tickets to the tune of 19 bucks (including a $2.00 "convenience fee" -- insert Dana Carvey's Church Lady saying "how conveeeeenient" here). When I printed out the confirmation for our 6:30 show, I noticed the theatre had an American Fork address. Huh. Is Thanksgiving Point in American Fork? Must be.

A few minutes before Bristine came over, I had a nagging feeling. I asked Joe, " Thanksgiving Point in American Fork?" No, he didn't believe it was. "Because that's the address on our ticket confirmation." Well, no matter! We'll to American Fork. We tried putting the address in the GPS as we were pulling out of the driveway (718 West 180 North) but it scoffed at our amusing Utah ways ("Put in Regular Street Name...None of This West and North Silliness.") We finally gave up on GPS and figured we could find it. Just drive to American Fork and find the coordinates, which we did, with 15 minutes to spare.

Retrieved our pre-paid tickets at the kiosk. Splendid. A sign above the kiosk told us to pick up our 3-D glasses at the ticket booth. When we asked for our 3-D glasses at the ticket booth, the young lady behind the window said, "Avatar's in 2-D. We used to show it in 3-D. But now it's just in 2-D."

Well who wants to see "Avatar" in lowly 2-D? We wanted the mind-blowing, fully caffeinated 3-D experience, $19 be hanged.

It was 20 minutes after six. Maybe Thanksgiving Point had a 6:30 show, too. We called Andy, who was at his computer, to find the number for Thanksgiving Point (801-768-2700). The nice man at Thanksgiving Point told me that yes, there is a 6:30 show and, yes, it's in glorious 3-D and the theatre is only half full. Great...we'll be right there! Save us two chairs!

Pulled in to the lot at 6:32, but what with previews and all, we knew we'd be fine. Joe parked the car and I approached another kiosk to purchase a fresh set of tickets. Ouch...3-D tickets were more expensive. 13 dollars per. But in for a penny, in for....(19 + 13 +13 = 45)...$45! I needed to press a button on the screen for number of tickets I pressed once for me....and once for Joe, and the kiosk spat out three tickets plus a receipt for $36.00. Oh, guess I only needed to press the one time for, uh, one extra person. (But why $36 and not $39? Maybe we got the group discount?)

Drat. This movie was getting awfully spendy. But whatcha gonna do...go home now in protest? I met Joe outside, hung my head in chagrin, and explained how we were going to be eating pork and beans and toast for dinner every night next week. He was understanding, bless him.

We were only 5 minutes late now and I could hear preview sounds coming through the open theatre door. The movie was actually being shown in the big IMAX theatre where they show the dinosaur flicks. People were streaming in the door....we just streamed right in along with them. No living soul asked to see our tickets (and we had plenty of them).

So, we paid $54 tonight (not counting Bristine's well-earned remuneration) to see a movie that we could've just...walked right in to (not that we WOULD have). And to add insult to injury, Joe left the box of Raisinets (previously purchased at Harmon's, to save money) on the kitchen counter at home.

But it was a cool flick.

And Dad, we were the only ones who stayed after to watch the credits.

The key grip was Richard Mall.