Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Out and About with Missy Em

Emma walked through the raindrops during our wet weather a week or so ago. Isn't the raincoat cute? (A gift from Cindy Sweat.)
We went swimming on Memorial Day weekend with Uncle Matt and Aunt Erin and their boys.
Emma helped Mom plant some flowers last weekend. Unfortunately, she also likes to pick them.

Last Saturday we drove up to Brighton to eat our dinner. Emma had a blast in the great out of doors. The mountain fresh air was wonderful.

Haven't posted in a long sorry. Discretionary time is scarce, and it seems we tire easily in our advancing years, but we're having so much fun with our little girl.
* We're trying to teach her how to say "I love you." Emma says "I lah..." We're still waiting on the "vyou," but are happy to hear it however it comes out. She also says "I lah" when she wants to go outside.
* Emma has turned into a persnickety eater. I remember how much she ate in China and can hardly believe she's the same girl.
* She likes playing on the computer. I found the coolest website, Has all kinds of nifty games for little kids. So creative and colorful.
* Emma has a good sense of humor. Sometimes we listen to Primary CDs when we're lying down for a nap. One of them has a scratch in it and always gets stuck in the same place. ("Can a little child like me thank the Father fittingly.") It always gets stuck in the next part, "Father, we thank thee." It'll go "Fa-wa-wa-wa-wa," but if you tap on the CD player it'll jump over the scratch and keep going. Anyway, Emma can be almost asleep, but if she hears that song starting she'll sit up and grin at me and can't wait for the skippy part to come. Cackling with mirth, she'll whack the CD player and then say "Gin?" (again), so I start the song over and we do it again...and again. She gets a huge kick out of it.
* When she's finished eating, she'll stand up in her chair, booster seat still strapped on, and start reaching for everyone else's dinner and any drinks, condiments, or utensils she can find. She is compelled to grab, dump, shake, pour, and squish everything within her reach. A great work of civilizing our youngster lies before us. In the meantime, we scoot things farther down the table.
*Emma is a great helper. She helps unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor (she holds the dustpan), do the laundry (I lift her up to put clothes in the washer, and she's good at cleaning off the lint trap in the dryer), and cleaning the mirrors, although she squirts on somewhat more Windex than is really necessary.
*One of her favorite words right now is "Beh," which means "Back," as in "Stand back and let me do it myself." She pushes on my thigh and says "Beh!" and I have to back up a couple of feet so as not to invade her personal space as she performs some task.
*Emma is a charming, smart, independent, loveable little girl.