Saturday, October 31, 2009


It’s 8:53 Halloween night. Haven’t had a trick-or-treater for the last 30 minutes. Maybe we won’t get any tall sullen teenagers who show up at 9:00 (not in costume, holding out a pillow case) after all.

We seriously overestimated on the candy. The next person who shows up can have 100 pieces and we’ll still have extra. What to do..what to do…seems a waste to throw it away, but the thought of eating fun-size what-nots for the next three weeks is very depressing.

Emma was a fairy princess, that is, a princess with wings. The wings kept flopping, as a unit, to one side, so it was tricky to get a completely unfurled effect, but the tiara stayed put and the lavender gown was lovely, despite the green long-sleeved shirt underneath (worn for both warmth and modesty). This year she totally “got” Halloween (was mildly amused last year and pert-near apathetic the year before). But Em’s been doing the countdown for a couple weeks, and the last few days have been filled with activities. Trunk-or-treat at church on Thursday (I had never participated in a trunk-or-treat in any way, shape, or form before in my life) and Halloween party at school yesterday.

Emma learned the following song at school (sung to the tune of “Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts”)

“Her face is green and her hair is kind of purplish
Her hair is an awful mess
Ooo, what a creepy dress
The wart on her nose is just what she likes, I guess
‘Cause she’s a Halloween witch – hey hey!”

I am pleased no end that she’s learning these outstanding songs at school! What great words. I had no idea this gem existed until Emma started singing it for me a couple weeks ago.

So tomorrow Daylight Savings ends. I wonder if Emma will wake up at 6:00-ish instead of 7:00-ish. And I wonder what we’ll do with that extra hour on a Sunday morning… I think Sundays are rather tricky to fill up sometimes. Church takes a hunk of time, sure. And then sometimes you have a family dinner or some such in the late afternoon. But the hours between, say, noon and five when you have the 9:00 block? I find them a challenge to fill with meaningful Sabbath-worthy activity, quite frankly.

Here is Emma at school

There needed to be a little wing adjusment

A well adjusted wing

The fairy princess and a pirate friend

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sandy San Diego

Okay, just a few more San Diego pictures. Emma still pines for sunny southern California and prays often to return to San Diego and Legoland. Glad to know it all made a good impression.

I warned her before the trip that we were going to bury her in the sand and she seemed fine with the idea. In reality she wasn't happy about it, and one millisecond after this photo was taken she busted loose from the sand trap. But it had to be done, you know? Gotta be buried in the sand at the beach.

Couple more surf-frolicking photos.

On the way to Legoland we stopped for a few minutes at the San Diego temple, which springs out suddenly off the freeway as you're driving and takes you by surprise. It's so fairy tale-ish looking.

Emma got her face painted at Legoland. The whole face was twenty bucks; we sprung for half a face.
She zoomed down the big slide a few times.

And she and Baba took a couple rides on the roller coaster. I'm too chicken and queasy to go.

We'll move on to more mundane activities next post.