Friday, July 23, 2010

23 Random Things

Because it's the 23rd of July.

1. Tomorrow is the 24th of July. For 10 years we lived on the Days of '47 parade route and hosted friends, family, the friends of family and the family of friends on our front lawn to watch the parade. Random passersby would ask to use our bathroom. One guy asked if he could plug in his battery recharger in our house (sure, fine). Joe would make breakfast for the visitors. One year we had a bunch of Joe's cousins (a branch of the Barrus family) attend. There was a whole slew of young Barrus kids running around. One kid ran through our living room and I said, "Are you a Barrus?" And he looked at me funny and said "What's a Barrus?" (clearly not one). Although I have fond memories of our on-the-parade-route years, I don't care if I never see the Days of '47 parade again.

2. I'm recovering from a fat lip brought on by a billiard ball becoming airborne and socking me (hard) in the kisser. Em and I were playing with the pool table downstairs. I was crouched down, face at table level, and we were zooming balls around into the pockets. You can guess where this is going.... Anyway, I looked really, really strange for a couple days. I didn't know upper lips could get that big without a collagen injection gone terribly, terribly awry.

3. Emma finished Level 2 swimming lessons at the Draper Pool yesterday. She got a certificate of completion and a banana Laffy Taffy. She loved her teacher Brandon and cried real tears on the way home (for love of Brandon).

4. I enjoy going swimming with Emma at the Draper pool on a hot afternoon and never thought I'd go so swimming so much as a grown-up. It's a happening scene up there...hordes of humanity...the rock music pretzels with cheese sauce and cherry Icees. So summery.

5. Yesterday I was editing a document for work and I did a global search and replace for the abbreviations BA (Bachelor of Arts) and MA (Master of Arts). I wanted them to have periods (B.A. and M.A.). So then all through the document it said things like "This program presents B.A.sic information about occupational therapy," or "The purpose of this class...." Or someone's name turned out to be "M.A.ry Jane Taylor." Made me giggle. I thought the search-and-replace would be case sensitive (but apparently not).

6. I miss the old word processing spell check feature (maybe it's still there somewhere) that suggested alternate words for names the computer didn't recognize. That was always good for some yuks. Once I accidentally selected the word "Jailer" for the name "Jerilyn" and a letter got sent down to the Academic Affairs office addressed to Jailer McIntyre, Ph.D. (but I think we retrieved it in time).

7. I have discovered, while reading books to Emma, that I really dislike the word "exclaimed." And it's everywhere in kids' books. I don't like it because a) nobody in real life ever says it and b) it's really hard to say.

8. I've also learned that the Berenstain Bears books are ever so preachy.

9. Sometimes when I'm really sleepy (like midday, need-a-nap-but-can't-take-one sleepy) and I'm reading to Emma I can actually fall asleep and dream a tiny bit mid-sentence and then pop back awake and finish the sentence. But sometimes Emma yells "Mom!" if I wait too long.

10. I wish I were peppier and full of more zip.

11. Makes me want to drink caffeinated beverages all day long, but I suppose that's a slippery slope.

12. Why is it that Emma can absolutely love and adore a particular food item one day (asparagus, corn on the cob, quesadillas), but then when I take special pains to make the same food item a day or two later, she eschews it? (Or rather, she WON'T chew it..)

13. I went to a mini-class on how to save money on your grocery bill a while back and the woman teaching it suggested we subscribe to more than one newspaper so we can get more coupons, so now we get the weekend Tribune AND the weekend Deseret News (instead of just the Trib). But I find I'm not using the coupons because they're usually for things I don't generally buy. I did learn about a good Website called, however, where you can find out all the things that are on sale during a given week at the stores near you. Plug in the code g84cjb where it asks for your Utah passport number.

14. I also learned that if you register your Fresh Values card on the page that you can select coupons online in advance of your shopping trip and the reduction will be taken off automatically at the register. Nice feature!

15. Anyway, we have oodles of weekend newspapers lying around now.

16. With respect for all Deseret News lovers, there's something about it that bugs me. The typeface...the layout...I dunno. The look of it somehow annoys me.

17. Tomorrow, the 24th of July, is my friend Mariann's birthday and also our little friend Kaitlin's birthday (she'll be 4). Happy birthday, friends.

18. Many people I know were born on the 9th of July. My niece Angie, my friend Jennifer, our neighbor Tim, my friend Kerrin's mom. Who else out there is July 9th?

19. I don't really believe in astrology, but whenever I read the descriptions of a Cancer personality, I think to myself, "Yes, yes, that's me." But maybe if I read Aries or Capricorn I'd be thinking the same thing. Anybody out there believe in astrology?

20. Joey's birthday's coming up on August 1. He's a Leo the Lion.

21. Sometimes I like telling people it's my birthday (well, when it's really my birthday). I mean, why not? You always get a nice sincere "Happy Birthday!" out of it. It's not like bragging. Everyone has a birthday; why not get well wishes? Once on my birthday I went to get a haircut from a woman someone had recommended. It was my first time there. The whole time I kept wanting to tell her it was my birthday, but thought "Nah...that's kinda goofy." And then at the end of the haircut, she said, "Well, I'm off to have lunch with my friend. It's my birthday today!" Whaddya know!

22. We're having taco salad for dinner tonight. This is what I put in my taco salad: Iceberg lettuce, hamburger seasoned with McCormick mild taco seasoning, kidney beans, chopped cucumber, shredded cheddar, sliced black olives, Fritos. Top it with Catalina dressing, or the dressing of your choice.

23. Have a great holiday weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Denny!

That's right, it's time to celebrate. Be sure to congratulate her early and often. She's a sweetie!

Monday, July 12, 2010

How Many Fun Things Can a Girl Do at a Party?

Well, if you go to Laurel and Jay's house for dinner (in Bluffdale, where they live on an ACRE and have the most amazing backyard known to manKIND), and a bunch of other friends come over too, turns out you can do a ton of fun things.

You can drive around in a pink battery-powered princess car with Xanthe.

You can jump on the tramp.

And jump off the tramp.

And meander through the English garden.

You can slide.
And swing.

And assist Anya in swinging (accompanied by Xanthe, Emily, and Maylin)

You can eagerly anticipate your turn to whack the pinata...

...and then whack the pinata.

And then blow bubbles (part of the pinata loot) whilst dangling your feet in the stream.

And I didn't even mention the food....(there was this raspberry cream cheesy jello salad with a pretzel crust that was refreshingly sweet and crunchy all at the same time. I kept slicing out one more little square...just to even out the edges. And there was this yummy layered salad with peas in it and a lot of mayo and lettuce. That was good. And brownies with frosting. And other things too numerous to mention. I'm such a sucker for food. Emma, she can take it or leave it. She'd rather drive the Princess car with Xanthe. )

What a perfect summer evening of fun. Thank you, Hill Family!!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Bunch of Pictures from the Last Month

We've been negligent bloggers. To make amends, here are a bunch of photos from the last four weeks.

To start, we have Emma, in hat and goofy glasses, at the beginning of the Newcastle School spring program. It was a "Silly Songs" program. But Emma wasn't feeling very silly that day, if I remember right, thus the pensive expression. ("Pensive?" "Nah, just thinking.")

Emma now knows the words to classics like "On Top of Spaghetti," "Yakkety Yak" ("Take out the papers and the trash...or you won't get no spending cash"), "Octopus' Garden," and "Do Your Ears Hang Low." (And let me tell you, the both of us have been singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low" a LOT in the last two months. We have singing contests while we drive around. Who can sing it the fastest, loudest, slowest, softest, goofiest. For a while Em would sing, "Do your ears hang low do they waddle to and fro," and I didn't tell her it was "wobble" because I thought "waddle" was cuter. But then she learned it the right way, darn it.)

The Newcastle School is really a great preschool and Emma had a wonderful year there. Lots of art, lots of music, just enough academic stuff, great teachers and staff. Em's teacher, Miss Jeri, was delightful. She adored Emma and the feeling was myooochal.

Oh, how we'll miss Miss Jeri.

Had a lot of rainy days in early June. It was kind of a drag, but the lawns were so lush and green. Now they're getting crusty and dry. Emma went for a walk between the raindrops one soggy Saturday.

Went to the Wasatch International Adoptions annual picnic last week. Saw lots of old friends from all parts of the valley. Most of them we only see once a year now.

Sumi and Emma

Lily Mae




And this weekend Emma's Arizona cousins came to visit. Yippee...we hardly ever get to see these guys. Here are Aunt Suzette, Uncle Mike, and cousin Mary.

Emma and Sarah at the Kaysville Parade

Mary and Em (Mary is the cousin closest in age to Emma; they're only 9 months apart)


During the parade, Cousin Josh got to ride in a truck with his Kaysville All Stars baseball team. He was such an enthusiastic candy thrower! (He's the one holding the candy bag)

Joe took this great shot of some of the kids on the team. They're all 7 and 8 years old. We went to one of their games last night and they were amazingly good (especially Josh). we're caught up a little bit. Hope you all are having a loverly Farth o' July.