Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ruby's Blessing Day

Today we attended the blessing of Jason and Allison's daughter, Ruby. It was a wonderful experience. Afterwards we all went to Grandma Boo's for a brunch. There was much fruit, egg stuff, cookies and pastries. A wonderful spread, I must say. Below is the detail on a duck cookie. Quack.

And here's the whole cookie spread, followed by the fruit conglomeration.

Here we have grandma with the star of the festivities
Outside relaxing we have D enjoying the splendid weather. A triumph!

Later, back at the ol' ranchero, Em wanted to give an update on the grow boxes. Most things are faring well, especially when you consider that everything was snowed on after they were planted. There were a few brass-monkey mornings there where it could have gone either way.

There have been two casualties. The lemon cukes went south due to poor placement. They were replaced after modifications were made to the box. There was also a modification done to help out the tomatillo. It was screaming for more dirt.
It is going to get a little crowded in there before all is said and done. It should not affect the outcome, if past experience is any indication.

The carrots have just begun to sprout, so there is not much to report. Perhaps on the next update. Ok then.