Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Oregon Outing, Part 2

Last Sunday after church, Tom and Julie drove us to the International Rose Test Gardens in Portland.  So very beautiful.  We loved wandering around (with a couple hundred other people) admiring the amazing variety of roses.

And they smelled so good, though you had to watch out for bees inside.  

Emma had a blast taking dozens of pictures with our little digital camera, including the one below (Tom needs his own electronic device).  

There was a beautiful Ethiopian wedding party at the garden that afternoon.  

After the rose gardens we drove around the loop in Washington Park a couple times (so many shades of green, and such fresh, soft air), then headed home and Julie & Tom made us a scrumptious dinner (T-bone steaks & bakers, 4-bean salad, blueberry crisp with Marionberry Pie ice cream; sigh).

On Monday morning, we drove to Newport and visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium (and did not take pictures). Emma was more interested in going to the beach.  We drove up the coast to Lincoln City and found a pretty beach just a short walk from our motel.

Emma was thrilled to see the ocean and made a beeline for the waves as soon as we crested a sand dune and saw the Pacific.  The water was fr-r-r-eeezing, but otherwise the weather was sunny and lovely and Emma enjoyed prancing in the surf in her little life jacket that she got when she was about 3 (I told her she wasn't going to need it, but I guess you can't be too careful in them waves).  


Had dinner at a good place called Kyllo's in Lincoln City that night.  (Julie says we ate there in 1991 during a Hiatt family reunion...and Dad had a big bucket of clams.  Do you remember this, Dad?)


Julie said...

Look at those waves crashing in behind Emma! Love each and every rose in the Rose Garden. Ethiopians + black suits + orange dresses = best color combo ever. We loved having you here.

Amy said...

That story of you going to work at night was hilarious!

Richard said...

You bet I remember. What a great time that was.
Thanks for Part Two --we loved every picture.

dennis sweat said...

Oh I wanted to transport myself there and be with you in person! I will always remember that Forrest showed me these posts of your Oregon outing on his laptop while I were in Minnesota visiting. Glorious account and photos.
XO to you Denies and Joogle and various extentions!

laurel said...

Awesome trip! Emma has grown up so much! We really need to see each other.

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